About Us



You already know that riding a motorcycle is a great way to have fun and explore new places. In our area, there are many great riding roads with breathtaking scenery just minutes away. This makes the Central Coast an ideal spot to ride and enjoy your motorcycle. But there’s a way to have even more fun…

An organized ride is the shortest distance to happiness!

Put a bunch of motorcycles together and you have a sure fire way to multiply your enjoyment. Coast Riders welcomes all types of road-legal motorcycles, from cruisers to touring bikes to sport bikes to dual-sport enduro machines. We organize rides that can be as casual as a half-day cruise to multiple day tours.

Joining is easy.

Just complete the Application Form, once your application is received, you will be placed on the Club’s contact list and notified of the ride and meeting schedule. (Your information is kept strictly confidential and is not distributed to any commercial third party) Coast Riders is a non-profit club and we rely on member dues and donations.

Annual Membership Dues: $65 which includes pizza at the meetings and AMA sanctioned organized rides or you can pay $10 per ride to contribute to the liability insurance.

Constitution & Bylaws

As a chartered AMA club we sanction each ride and buy liability insurance. We insure each so that if the club and or it’s officers, members or participants are sued for a bodily injury or property damage claim resulting from the event the insurance will provide a defense and will cover a settled or adjudicated claim. If insurance is not purchased each party would be responsible to provide their own defense and pay for their share of any claim. The policy and the AMA require waivers to be signed by all participants.

AMA Release and Wavier of Liability Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement is required to be signed by each ride participant.

Understanding Insurance A guide for AMA Organizers

All members and non-member ride participants are to abide by the AMA Recreational Riding Rulebook.

Alcohol consumption is prohibited during the ride. There may be stops at restaurants that serve alcohol along the route, but none of the event participants are allowed to consume any alcohol until the ride’s end destination has been reached.